Thursday, May 13, 2010

[IWS] The Wagner Act at 75: Employee Representation in the New World of Work - Major International Conference Quebec City - June 2010 - Registration Open

Please note the following conference and consider attending:


47th Annual CIRA Conference/ International CRIMT Conference
June 16-18 2010   

Université Laval, Québec City, Canada

Employee Representation in the New World of Work: The Dynamics of Rights, Voice, Performance and Power:  



Rethinking the future of employment representation for the Wagner Act's 75th birthday.


The era of globalization and new information technologies has brought about significant changes in workplace configuration, workforce composition and expectations, and in the management of human resources as firms seek competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive environment. These changes challenge traditional notions of employee representation, the core tenets of which were inspired in the United State and Canada with the adoption of the Wagner Act exactly 75 years ago. Moreover, the same challenges are felt in other employee representation regimes. We will explore them at an international conference to be held from June 16th to 18th 2010 at Laval University in Quebec City.

The conference is a special collaboration between the Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work (CRIMT) and the Canadian Industrial Relations Association (CIRA-ACRI). It will focus on key issues relating to employee representation in the new world of work: the relevance in today’s workplace of the founding principles of different representative systems; how different types of employee representation regimes deal with issues facing the contemporary worker; the emerging models and actors for employee rights and representation; the kinds of public policy, actors, strategies, capabilities and research that are necessary to rethink employee representation in the contemporary workplace.

The conference is highly international in scope, attracting over 300 participants from more than thirty countries, and features four plenary sessions and more than 60 workshops, internationally renowned specialist researchers and leading practitioners in the area of work and employment, with a stellar set of contributions from labour and employment law and industrial relations specialists. There will be simultaneous translation services in French and English for multiple streams of the conference.

All are welcome. Registration information and the detailed conference programme available at: <>
Please note that the number of places is limited, so you must register in a timely manner.


The Organizing Committee
Valérie Beaulieu (Research Assistant, CRIMT)
Christian Brunelle (Professor, Université Laval)
Karine Drolet (CRIMT Administrative Coordinator)
Jean-Noël Grenier (Professor, Université Laval, CIRA Secretary-Treasurer)
Annette Hayden (Postdoctoral Researcher, CRIMT)
Francine Jacques (CRIMT Projects Coordinator, CRIMT)
Gregor Murray (Professor, Université de Montréal; CRIMT Director)
Claude Rioux (Research Associate, CRIMT)
Nicolas Roby (CRIMT Scientific Coordinator)
Pierre Verge (Emeritus Professor, Université Laval)






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